Rocking Pocket Games was formed in 2008 shortly after the iPhone SDK was made public. After great success with our iFishing games we have expanded to other platforms and developed over 100 mobile applications.


We develop applications for iOS, Android, Playstation Mobile, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone, BB OS 10, Ouya, and Amazon Fire TV

Prior to developing games, our main business was developing and licensing game engines since 1997. Our own game engine called Power Render is now the core of all our 3D games.

Each platform requires a different language and integrated development environment, such as C++, Java, Objective C, and C#, using XCode, Eclipse, and Visual Studio.

Audio Production

We have music production and recording capabilities, and also license third party content for some games.

2D artwork and 3D models

We have expertise in 2D artwork as well as 3D modeling, character animation, and user interface design.


At Rocking Pocket we have a large number of tablets and phone devices for testing. Making sure our applications run on as many devices as possible is crucial to customer satisfaction.