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At Rocking Pocket Games we use our own technology, tools and engines, developed over many years to create great unique games. We are always looking for new ideas, platforms to develop for, and new technology to work with. Send us your business proposals!

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Recent Posts

Oct 2018

New Hyper-Casual Games

Several new hyper-casual games have been released, including Rocket Goat, Goats on a Boat, and Run Phonies Run. Click here for download links.


Dec 2017

Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a fun 2D, physics based basketball game for all ages. Practice solo, and when you're ready invite a friend to a game of 21 over Google Play. Unlock new balls and gameplay modifications by leveling up. Click here for download links.


Nov 2017

New Casual Games

Several new casual games have been released, including Bottle Flip Battle, Fidget Spinner Draw Battle, Fidget Spinner Battle Arena, Fidget Spinner Battle Arena Night, and Fidget Spin Tires. Click here for download links.


Aug 2017

Fidget Spinner Battle

Fidget Spinners are extremely popular right now, and we have a couple of Fidget Spinner Games available. Fidget Spinner Battle let you design your own spinner and battle your friends over the net. Fidget Spinner Battle is available on iOS and Google Play.


Aug 2017

Fidget Spinner Battle

Fidget Spinner Battle Night let you design your own neon spinner and battle your friends over the net. Fidget Spinner Battle Night is currently available on Google Play only.


Mar 2017

Zombies The Last Stand Remastered

Zombies The Last Stand has been updated with major changes. The game has been remastered for 1080p with new menus, and gameplay running at native resolution on all devices. New split screen virtual joystick touch controls have been added, as well as MFI gamepad support! Collision detection and player movement have also been improved. The iPad version Zombies HD has also been updated.


Mar 2017

Remote Mouse and Keyboard

Remote Mouse and Keyboard lets you turn your iPhone or iPad into a remote trackpad or mouse over Wifi. Servers are available for Windows and MacOS. The Air Mouse feature lets you use the gyroscope to point at the screen to move the mouse around. For more information visit the Remote Mouse page.


Feb 2017

Boxcraft Sandbox Mode

BoxCraft : Sandbox Mode for iOS is a open world 3D sandbox building app. Build and dig tunnels to your hearts content! Start from either a natural terrain with trees and mountains, or a flat world. Build your own structures using a variety of natural and man-made materials. Supports touch or Game Controllers for input.

Feb 2017

Hue Camera Ambient Lighting

Hue Camera Ambient Lighting makes an effect similar to Ambilight using your Philips Hue Lights and the device's camera. Aim your camera at your TV or any other source and your lights will change color to match the scene you are viewing.

Feb 2017

Hue Candles

Hue Candles creates a flickering candle effect for your Philips Hue lights. Adjust the speed and variation of the flickering effect to your liking using the simple and minimal controls. Change the color of the candle and also the effect continues running while the app is in the background.


i Fishing 4

i Fishing 4 for iOS and Android has been released. This version has streamlined gameplay, more lakes, lures and boats, and combines classic gameplay from the original with features from iFishing 3.


Heavy Blade

Heavy Blade is a 3D dungeon crawler with impressive visuals and a heavy rock soundtrack. The game now is available on iOS, and Apple TV.

Visit for more details.

FEB 24.

New Android Games:

Saltwater Fishing for Friends, Fishing for Friends, Puppet Jump, Bedazzled, Super Football Kick, and iFishing Slots are now available on Android.


iFishing 3

The premier fishing simulator

iFishing 3 was designed from the ground up to support Apple TV and uses your device as a controller. New features include real video backgrounds, more realistic fish, a deep career mode, and more lures. iFishing 3 is now available for the NEW Apple TV using the siri remote!