Google Play Status

As you might have noticed all of our apps on Google Play are currently unavailable. Google uses automated bots to mark apps that don’t comply with their policies. If a developer accumulates 4 policy violations their account will be deleted by a bot with apparently no possibility of human interaction.

In the span of 2 hours we received notices that 4 of our apps were marked as ‘spam’ or duplicate content and the account was removed hours later. After appealing I realized the responses I was getting were completely automated, and when I asked for a human I received no response.

What is frustrating is that iFishing Saltwater was marked as spam even though it was an original game developed by Rocking Pocket Games and even featured in a commercial made by Google Japan for the Nexus tablet. (see 22 second mark We even worked directly with Google to translate the game to Japanese after being featured in the commercial.

Attempts to reach a human being at Google have failed which is why I am writing this blog. After 10 years of creating original Android apps and trying to stay up to date with the operating system and Google’s Play Store policies, close to 50 million downloads and hundreds of thousands in revenue, Google has punished us for creating completely original well behaved applications.

Until this is resolved the links to Android versions of our games will be broken.

Other people have the same situation: