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Our Technology

Egerter Software has been a computer game technology developer for over 30 years, starting with the WordUp Graphics Toolkit, a low level 2D graphics API, and ending with Power Render, a cross platform 3D Engine which supported software based rendering, 3Dfx Glide, Direct3D, and OpenGL.

Power Render was commercially licensed to other developers as a 3D engine for creating games, and has been ported to OpenGL for use in our current mobile and PC games.

Some of the technologies included are:

  • Software based rendering, triangle rasterization and perspective texturing
  • Physics, collision, and spatial subdivision using BSP trees and quadtrees
  • Character animation, custom file formats, playback from biped (3D Studio Max)
  • 3D Audio and background music
  • Mouse and joystick input
  • Vertex and Pixel Shaders, per pixel lighting with normal maps, depth of field, cube lighting
  • Particles systems and effects
  • Terrain rendering
  • Shadows and lightmaps
  • 3D Math and Vector routines
  • 3D Cameras and cutscene playback
  • Custom file formats for storing 3D objects, object hierarchy and animations
  • 2D Graphics user interface routines
  • Scripting system using LUA

The Prototype engine, also known as Power Render-X was also in development in C++ before being abandoned and never officially released. It featured per pixel lighting with unified lighting system, and forward rendering with light addition. Other technology such as shadow volumes were being experimented with as seen in Doom 3, before being replaced with moment shadow maps.

In 2008 the Rocking Pocket Games brand was created, along with a shift from being a 3D Engine developer to producing and selling our own games using the engine.