3D Game Benchmark

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3D Game Benchmark is an interactive benchmark utility to test the speed of your device in an actual game engine. The benchmark shows the FPS (frames per second) while displaying scenes with high triangle and pixel shader complexity.

The benchmark allows for full camera movement and interaction with the level using a twin joystick control scheme. Move with the left joystick and aim the camera with the right joystick.

The benchmark engine uses OpenGL to draw scenes and characters from the game Heavy Blade.
Each scene uses forward rendering with additive lighting, using 4 dynamic lights with shadow maps, per pixel specular and normal lighting.

6 Different scenes are available:

Basic 4 characters, 4 lights
Medium 16 characters, 4 lights
Extreme 64 characters, 4 lights
3 actual game levels that you can move the camera around and inspect.



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