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Heavy Blade is a fast paced 3D hack and slash dungeon crawler with gorgeous visuals and a heavy rock soundtrack.

Reminiscent of games like Doom and Heretic, Heavy Blade combines old school gameplay with a new graphics engine. Run and slash your way through 30 levels of dungeons filled with horrifying monsters and defeat the wizard! Choose when to use ranged or close attacks depending on what vials are nearby to refill. Dodge enemy attacks, or force them into a small hallway to take them on one at a time instead of getting surrounded. Or simply grind and improve your character until you can overpower them. The choice is yours. Being aggressive is the name of the game here. You are always vulnerable but don’t worry about getting hurt! There are plenty of vials to restore your health scattered around the levels.


– 30 dungeons filled with monsters to explore with 8-10 hours of gameplay to complete
– 16 unique enemies
– 5 collectible weapons each with a unique spell, including fireballs, magic missile, electricity, and ice shards
– On screen map for navigation
– Listen for whispers to locate secret doors and hidden areas
– Gather loot from dead enemies or barrels and replenish health and mana with potions.
– Unlock the next level by reaching the exit.


– Spend your gold to upgrade your hero’s armor, stats and weapons from the quest selection menu


– State of the art graphics with unified lighting and shadows
– Per pixel lighting with specular and bump mapping
– 6 dynamic lights with shadow maps up to 4kx4K resolution
– OpenGL 3.3 required


Heavy Blade now comes with a built in level editor to create your own dungeons. After you’ve finished the campaign, try being your own dungeon master. Level design is simple and fast with a real time 3D preview. Instantly jump in and play test directly from the editor. Modify the built in levels or start from scratch. Share your new creations with your friends and the community!


– Playable with the mouse and keyboard or game controller.
– Updated for 4K resolution, MSAA, Post processing effects including depth of field, motion blur, and bloom
– Windowed and full screen support


– Take it with you! Heavy Blade is available on iOS and TV OS!


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