Stupid Birds

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Stupid Birds is a competitive casual game where you have to raise your stupid bird to an adult through a series of mini games. Each mini game has a leaderboard to compete for the highest score against your friends.

Mini Games:
1. Hatch the Egg: Tap as fast as you can to hatch the bird.
2. Learning to Fly: Slide your finger up and down to move the bird between the trees
3. Collect Food: Tap to fly birds at the fruit and avoid the bombs.
4. Protect the Forest: Tilt up and down to fly bird, while tapping to spit at enemies
5. Diving for Fish: Dive as deep as you can, avoiding puffers and jellyfish. Then collect fish on the way up to score points.
6. Mate Sorting: Tap on the left or right side of the screen to sort potential mates based on their colour. Get one wrong and you lose 5 points. Sort all the birds before the time runs out to make it to the next round.
7. Nest building: Tilt left and right and tap to flap wings. Bring twigs back to your nest while avoiding enemies.
8. Mating song: Tap on the notes before they reach the bottom to sing a mating song.



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