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Zombies The Last Stand


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Inspired by Left 4 Dead by Valve, Zombies : The Last Stand is the ultimate mobile first person zombie shooter!

IPAD USERS: Get Zombies HD instead! We also have another game called Heavy Blade that you might like!

View the trailer with all the weapons here!

– Remastered from 480×320 to 1920×1080
– Gameplay now running at native resolution on all devices
– New split screen touch controls with virtual joysticks
– MFI Game Controller support
– Improved shaders
– Improved collision detection and smoother movement of characters

– Use cash to upgrade your speed and other capabilities
– Variety of guns, all upgradeable
– 25 increasingly difficult missions
– Unique types of zombies: Crawlers, walkers, runners, tanks, poppers, jumpers, jumping tanks, and even pygmy zombies.
– Leaderboards and achievements using Game Center
– Realtime shadows
– Normal mapping, detail mapping
– Freedom to move anywhere in the 3D environment
– 3D Audio (best played with headphones)
– 7 spooky and exciting background music tracks

– Analog stick to move,hold and drag in lower right to aim and shoot at the same time. Swipe anywhere else to rotate camera.
Use the gyroscope to aim if your device supports that!



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